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Podcast Guests
Michelle Hanson
Author of "The Ocean Oracle"
and "Ocean Wisdom"
Ceisiwr Serith
Author of "A Pagan
Book of Prayer"
Kaile Dutton and Jodi St. Onge
Authors of "The Everything
Love Spells Book"
Jane Raeburn
Author of "Celtic Wicca", "The Pagans Muse",
And "Building a Magical Relationship"
Kerry Robinson
High Priestess of Forest Sanctuary
Jay, Maine
Casey - Secretary of The
Abrahadabra Oasis - O.T.O.
Portland Maine
Michelle Skye
 Author of " Goddess Alive" and
 "Goddess Afoot"
Beth O'Connor
 NGH Certified Hypnotist and Emotional Freedom Techniques ™ Practitioner.Past Life Therapy, Pediatric Hypnosis, 5-PATH® and 7th PATH® Self-Hypnosis.
Hugh Gilbert - Author of "Free the Unicorn" and Founder of the KCR ( Kinetic Chain Release )Protocol