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So who am I? … I am a Bob, born in the summer of  ’65 , I grew up with two sets of parents, my Winters outside of New Haven, Connecticut , My Summers in the countryside of central Maine,

I live on the Southern coast of Maine with two cats, Salem and Princess, and two women ,my wonderful wife Sandy , and our best friend and roommate, Alta, and I am an Aerosolgrafia Artist and Illustrator.

I am the host of ‘ A Pagan Heart in Maine” podcast and was featured in the book ” Out of the Broom Closet: 50 True Stories of Witches Who Found and Embraced the Craft ”

I am a Pagan, and that is the title of faith I feel comfortable with. I claim no ‘one’ named faith because I feel Deity exists in all and I see the evidence of God and Goddess in all of the Nature around us.

I am a witch, we work with the energies of the Earth,  and we learn how to work in harmony and healing with it.

There are many misconceptions of these words, witch and Pagan … we do not cook and eat children ( not since that whole ‘Hansel and Gretal’ fiasco .. it always ends the same … “burn the witch! burn the witch!). We do not ride brooms ( very uncomfortable ….), and as far a dancing naked in fields … Ok, well, ya got me there ( until you’ve tried it, don’t knock it 😉

. . . ok . . so on to 20 questions 🙂 . . .

1) Do you believe in the afterlife? — Absolutely ! I am a firm believer in the afterlife and reincarnation — Its THIS life I am still slightly unconvinced about.

2) Favorite childhood book? — Tolkiens’ Lord of the Rings, All of the Tom Swift, Jr. adventures, L’Engles “A Swiftly Tilting Planet”+ sequels, Bobbsey Twins series, The Earthsea Trilogy

3) What’s in the trunk of your car? — evidence (just kidding) . . . . Lots of maps, aluminum baseball bat, some items picked up at a yard sale last year that haven’t gotten unpacked.

4) Fur Babies? — Salem (Used-to-be-male-but-now-neutral-gender Maine Coon mix Cat) , Princess (Used-to-be-female-but-now-neutral-gender Tortoise Shell Cat)

5) Hair color? — drk brown w/gray streaks . . . also along this line: eyes – blue/green, med/large frame 300+ pds, 5’10” tall, ink – wolf, tribal on right shoulder;winged goddess on left shoulder , piercings – just my left earlobe (I need another piercing like I need another hole in my head . . . wait a minute. . .)

6) Favorite Toothpaste? — Any with two colors or more.

7) Favorite Flowers? — LIVING !! all flowers are cool, but to watch them slowly die in a glass centerpiece on a table is just plain creepy.

8) Whats your Favorite Article of Clothing? — Unfortunately while clothing is supposedly required in our present society, I am wholly unconvinced. Our “textile” based America creates subclasses of people and fosters predjudice (Walk into a fancy restaurant wearing jeans, sandals and a T-shirt and see what I mean) . I feel that clothing can also create unhealthy attitudes and inhibitions toward personal sexuality. Knitted plant material, artificial fabrics and animal furs should only be worn as necessary to combat weather conditions. To answer the question, I wear a variety of clothing from muscle shirts, Mountain T’s, jeans and have no real favorite preference, except that when I come home from the day and close the door, my favorite pieces of clothing is ALL the cloth that has been removed from my body 🙂 — Be Nude, Be Free. – I have found that the urge to take off my clothes goes away if I’m naked.

9) What time do you wake in the morning? — Trick question . . NEXT

10) Favorite color? — blue

11) If you could have one superpower, what would it be? — There is only one real superpower left, I would take the U. S. A. , of course . . . . Oh, wait, I know what you mean !! . . . I would want to be able to fly, that would be wicked cool.

12) -20) couldn’t think of any more good ones 🙂 I’m leaving these for anyone who wants to ask me a question to e-mail me 🙂

Bright Blessings,
Bob (Greywolf)

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