So I’m glad I have a high tolerance for pain … the reason? … shingles.

the past two weeks have been a small bit of hell for me. I noticed what I thought was a small insect bite on my temple a couple Mondays ago and when I came home from over the road Thursday of last week it had developed into a case of full blown shingles 🙁 not fun.

Imagine if someone basically poured acid over the side of your head … then rubbed salt in it … that would be close to what it felt like … Oh, and I can’t forget the swollen lymph nodes that basically turned my nice round Charlie Brown head into a sort of a deflated football shape …once again, not fun … so last Thursday I went to the doc and then had to go to the eye clinic because it almost got into my eyes … but I started a week of anti-viral meds and today I’m almost good as new 🙂 Of course the past two weeks have been a total wash for being productive .. my schedule was 1) work, then 2) sleep.

So here are some of my random thoughts for the past two weeks:

” This Sucks! ”

” Batman should really lay off of Two-Face … I mean, it’s really kinda his fault for Two-Face being the way he is ”

” Hmmm, I think today I’ll practice John Merrick’s “I am not an animal, I am a human being” speech. I wonder where I can find a small burlap sack? ”

” This REALLY sucks!”

“I think I’m going to dig out my old Yamaha keyboard … Oh look! Phantom of the Opera mask on sale for under ten bucks on Amazon!”

” You know, I actually remember getting the chicken pox when I was a kid … I remember the part with my parents taking us over to some family friends house where their kid had the pox and exposing us to it … I remember the little welts … I remember walking around the house in my whitey-tighty underwear covered in calamine lotion looking like a Pepto-Bismol pink Smurf … I remember the part with the itching and the fever … I remember the part with Mom and Dad telling me that now that I got the chicken pox I never have to worry about getting it again … ”

“What I DON”T remember is anyone saying that 40 years later I WOULD get the chicken pox again except they don’t call it the chicken pox because it mutates like an Alien zenopmorph into something that causes half your face and scalp to burn and melt off your head … hmmmm, nope … don’t remember THAT part … ”

*Heavy Sigh*

So it has been an eventful couple of weeks 🙂 feeling much better now, just a bit weak still from the shingles and the meds.

I DID get to experience something I hadn’t before at the eye doctor … he had to check the pressure in my eye so I’m thinking they have the machine that puts a puff of air in your eye and they measure it that way … but no … not here.

He placed a couple drops of yellow fluid on my eye and then takes what looks like a tire pressure gauge with a rubber tip on it … and then this is the good part … he places it AGAINST MY EYE AND TRIES TO PUSH MY EYEBALL INTO THE BACK OF MY SKULL !!! …

Ok … most people would flinch or blink or scream or something … me? I just sat there staring at him as he pressed this rubber pen into my eye thinking ” this. is. so. freaking. COOL !!!!” … is there something wrong with me?

Sandy and I did have a wonderful weekend last week even with the shingles .. we had chartered a boat to do some mackerel fishing and, even though Sandy was worried about me going out and thought about canceling our charter, I said ” We are going to go and have fun even if it kills me :-)” … we didn’t catch any fish but we had a wonderful night on the harbor watching the sunset and it was a good trip .

So that’s a wrap of my past two weeks 🙂 time to get back to work finishing a podcast and doing some more editing 🙂

Brightest Blessings 🙂