A Pagan Heart in Maine

Over the years “A Pagan Heart in Maine” has had a lot of wonderful music and authors … until I can move the links to the new site, here are links to the old website 🙂 … Enjoy !!

Musical Guests

Podcast Guests

2 thoughts on “A Pagan Heart in Maine

  1. I am only on ep 28. You are a genius but nigh a prophet let all future pagans of the millennial generation here your sound words and see them as true. If not but a seer he is a the truth. Round short people for the win!

  2. Dude. Your awesome. Keep going. Everything so far makes me want to do nothing but support you. My wife and I support you. She is American Law enforcement and she finds you to be one of her most influential pagans along with the Wigglian Way.

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